Wall Decals - Big Sets

An amazing and affordable way to decorate whole walls are our wall decal big sets or mega packs.

Create a whole underwater world with fishes an water plants or set up a jungle theme with crazy funky animals and palm trees.
The princess wall decal set i an amazing set for girls creating a magic atmospere.

Enjoy looking around and get inspired!

Wall Decals Big Decal Sets


A great way of decorating kid’s rooms with wall decals are our big decal sets or walls decal mega packs. A lot of colorful Wall Stickers, allow the awesome decoration of entire walls with decal. Whether the cute Underwater World wall decals, the wild Crazy Jungle wall decals or the Indian Tribe decals. Our wall decal sets can easily be cut as needed and provide room for individual placement.

Let your kids help with the process of applying the wall decals. It is so fun! Our Wall Decals are easy to apply and are well suited for children.

The Wall Decal Shop has everything for a charming nursery  decoration - Your children will love the new appearance of their walls!

Wall decals and wall stickers are an easy way to revive your walls and create a completely new atmosphere for your home, office, classroom and nursery. Wall stickers and decals are an easy, affordable way of pushing your interior design to new limits.

Our wall decals are made from the best removable vinyl decal materials available.

Explore the endless possibilities of decorating your space, that wall decals can give you.

The Wall Decal Shop has over 900 wall decal designs available for you. 

Express yourself with custom printed wall decals.

Our Wall Decal Shop design team can easily create custom design decals for you.

When it comes to wall decals, we are experts and happy to assist you to make your wall decal ideas come true.

Enjoy exploring our wall decal and sticker designs in our wall decal online shop.

We have wall decals for almost everything and everybody.

Enjoy our wall sticker selection and get inspired!