Wall Decal - Ornament 1

Elegant ornament for your home.

Ornamental -
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Ornament 1

This item is available in 2 different sizes.

Wall Decals and Wall Murals are the latest trend in interior design. We only use premium vinyl films marked with a better flexibility than other products on the market.Our products have been tested extensively. Our Wall Decals adhere on plaster, glass, tiles, wood, plastics and other clean and grease-free surfaces. Revive your walls with Wall Decals of K&L Wall-Art LLC.

  • The Wall Decal is made of self adhesive flexible premium vinyl film.
  • It has a matte surface to reduce light reflections.
  • You can remove the Wall Decal at any time without damage to the surface.
  • It is easy to apply. Our manual can help you with the process.

  • Color Chart for Wall Decals.

    • white
    • pastel orange
    • persimmon
    • golden yellow
    • yellow
    • dark red
    • red
    • light red
    • violet
    • lavender
    • lilac
    • pink
    • soft pink
    • carnation
    • dark blue
    • king blue
    • brillant blue
    • azure
    • light blue
    • ice blue
    • geyser blue
    • turquoise blue
    • turquoise
    • mint
    • dark green
    • green
    • light green
    • yellow green
    • lime tree
    • olive
    • cedalon
    • key lime
    • brown
    • nut brown
    • light brown
    • beige
    • black
    • dark grey
    • middle grey
    • light grey
    • silver
    • gold
    • copper

    Our Wall Decals and Stickers are made from premium self-adhesive vinyl film and have a matte finish to reduce light reflections.

    We carry a great selection of colors. If you don’t find the color you are looking for – ask us - we will make it possible.

    Wall decals adhere to almost all smooth surfaces, like plaster, glass, tiles, wood, plastics etc.

    Even most textured wall surfaces will work. Not sure – we can send you a free test sample.

    You can remove our decals at any time without damage to the surface.

    If you have more questions about our products - contact us – we are happy to assist.


    Average Rating:  5.00 (2)


    Review From: (NY)

    Rating:  5 / 5

    Comment: Very Nice decal. I purchased one corner to border a large picture..being that you can separate the pattern - I was able cut and place the 2 smaller swirls of the decal on the lower corner of the picture and highlight an upper corner with the 3 larger swirls. Looks great, and easy to apply.


    Review From: (CA)

    Rating:  5 / 5

    Comment: Very easy to apply. I didn't realize it was only one corner one so I'll have to order a second one. I also think there was a dot missing on the end but not sure if it comes like that. Either way, I do like it and will just need to order the second corner one to match. :)


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